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Counting Your Way to Winning

Joseph and Jake Teves are looking for their four wins in a row at Bridge. It was a social but nonetheless the thrill was there. Mimi who had been observing her brother thought that they must have been card readers to last this far in the game.

Finally when the fourth game ended and the brothers were going home, Mimi inquired how they did it. ‘Practice counting,’ was Joseph’s, the elder brothers, reply to Mimi. What is there to count? ‘Counting your hand then subtract the total points of the whole deck and the difference is your opponents points. If your hands are greater than that difference, you are at an advantage,’ Jake added. She just doesn’t get it.

The next Saturday, the three of them met for the brothers to share their tips. Joseph first advised memorizing all patterns of cards in a suit – that is 13 cards. Have a drill on checking the matching until one can say them without error. It is enough even to be just familiar with it. Like you observed that both opponents have 3 cards of hearts each and then you have three hearts then your partner certainly has four heart cards.

‘Next to that,’ said Jake, ‘is to imagine how each suit are to be distributed in the whole game.’ It sure sounds hard. For example the opponents have laid down a total of five spades, think how the other five (you have three spades and you don’t know how much your partner has) are to appear in the next rounds. Through practice again, this task will be easy.

With that Mimi was getting a little dizzy. Then they advised her to calm down and relax at the start of the game. When one is too excited or nervous, they become overloaded. The tendency is that other things are overlooked. This also means not shifting the counts on all aspects of the game. If one is in defense, figure out what your partner is holding. For declarers look at one’s longest suit. At the beginning also note what is not being bet, most like the first partners have this suit in low stock.

To end the meeting, Joseph and Jake remind Mimi to practice and practice. The system will only be beneficial to those who take time to learn and polish their skills. Through practice, the mind becomes conditioned and after several more practices, decision making in bridge will come as swift as the wind.